Team Off-Site

by Salva

“Taking place or located away from the site, as of a particular activity” This is a brief review of what we did last week in Barcelona. The idea was born because some of us bought Baruco (@baruco) tickets and like other years we were going to spend the whole week...

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OpenHackVLC - July 2014

It has been a while since we haven’t written about our monthly Hacknights, but it does not mean that we are not holding them. Last night, as every last Thursday of the month, we had another edition and here is a summary of what we got done. This month we...

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Introducing peerTransfer status page

During the last weeks we have been paying much more attention to our uptime, our capacity to solve the issues that provoke downtimes, deployment times and server alerts. These are very busy weeks for us where we pay special attention to the reliability of our systems, or as we call...

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How we organise ourselves with Kanban

Our fellow tester @jokinAspiazu contributed to local tech groups with a very interesting talk (in spanish) about how we organise ourselves with Kanban. The link to his personal blog: Explicando nuestro Kanban en GeeksHubs Video with the reactions after the talk

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Remote tools

by Miguel Angel

Since the peerTransfer dev team is distributed through three different cities, countries and time zones we treat good communication channels as the first priority. The dev team comprises the product and tech team; the product team is hosted in Boston, the majority of the tech team is in Valencia and...

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