Continuous Learning at Peertransfer

by Salva

Some of us attended the Velocity Conference that was held in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. It was a great conference as there were a lot of opportunities to know what is going on in the performance, operations, management or mobile world right now. I had been thinking for...

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The fellow tester

by Jokin

Meet the team When this Company started, there were only two developers, so they had to be generalists, able to build everything, in no time, and make the business exist. The next hired developers were generalists too, but after four years, we found out that we needed more specialized roles,...

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4 years building services

Our Felipe talking (in Spanish) about the technical lessons learnt during the last four years at peerTransfer.

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Continuous integration at pT (today)

by Miguel Angel

This may sound counterintuitive, but in software, when something is painful, the way to reduce the pain is to do it more frequently. At peerTransfer we found that integration and deployment was becoming more painful overtime (wow surprise!) so we took a few measures that we will try to explain...

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Daemons in Ruby

@josacar contributed to local tech groups with a talk (in spanish) about how we can write basic daemons in ruby and explain how it works under the hood from the operating system perspective. Link to the source code snippets and slides

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