ChatOps in Valencia devops

Our ops colleague Jose Luis (@josacar ) is very engaged with the local tech community. Here is one of his talks in Valencia Devops (@valenciadevops ), a meetup that he also organizes. Jose Luis talks (in Spanish) about ChatOps, an approach to managing technical and business operations through a group...

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Welcome Iñigo!

Hello everyone! We are happy to present our new Dev Intern, Iñigo Torres! Our new peerMate, Iñigo. Iñigo will stay with us for the next 5 months, and will rotate among our different teams in order to get an exhaustive view of what being a Developer at peerTransfer means. He...

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Welcome Omar!

Say hello to our new peerMate Omar Lopez! Our new peerMate, Omar. Omar is our new Reliability Engineer, along with Jose Luis, they are going to ensure that all our business infrastructure is responding in the expected way. He has Ten years experience as system administrator in mission critical environments...

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A Specification Pattern implementation

by Carles

At times programming can be boring. That happens when a feature is no more than writing a controller action, a view, and some other framework-related tasks. But sometimes we find opportunities to develop our creativity, to exercise our craft. We had one of these opportunities recently, a business requirement that...

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Dismembering the monolith. The pT way

by Miguel Angel

Yet another post about how to deal with a monolith. Well, yes, when you’re a tech company whose early stages are built with Ruby on Rails, what would you expect? Like other successful companies that are well-funded after a few years with modest resources, we now deal with new business...

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