Keep Calm and Agile Testing

Marta participated in Woman Techmakers Castellón 2016 and gave an interesting talk about testing (in Spanish). The last ten minutes are epic!

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Testbash 2016

by Jokin & Marta

On the second week of March, the whole Flywire Software Testing team (yeah, all two of us!) went to Brighton (UK) for Testbash. TestBash is a Software Testing conference hosted by the Ministry of Testing, and it is not a conference like any other. Talks go on a single track,...

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How we use github/scientist

by Miguel Angel

Only a few weeks ago, the amazing folks at Github released the first version of Scientist (more about the gem in their blog) Scientist helps developers to refactor big chunks of code. More than refactor, it helps with rewriting parts of code, because sometimes a local refactor is not enough....

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4 años de Hacknight

Este era el equipo de desarrollo de PeerTransfer (ahora Flywire) hace 4 años: A producción que nos vamos Ahí concentrados en nuestro “deploy” semanal, en actualizar uno a uno los servicios que formaban nuestro producto, cuidando de no dejarnos nada y de que el tiempo de “downtime” fuese el más...

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Flybot - Our Hackweek bot project

by Salva

Why a bot? Flywire has grown a lot in the last 2 years, people are joining our team every month. Therefore, the communication with other Flymates and departments is key to continue building a service that allows thousands of users around the world to pay their school tuitions, accommodations or...

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