OpenHackVLC - January 2013

by Álvaro

Last night we held our monthly HackNight (first as part of the OpenHack initiative). Here are the things we got done. José Luis installed Debian Wheezy on his Macbook Pro using the unofficial Debian EFI CD images. He went through the installation process without hassle. However, he had to use...

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III Hacknight at Valencia office

At peertransfer Valencia office we are big supporters of the open source world, you know standing on giants shoulders, so we thought that it would be cool to sit together and see if we can give something back to the community. So if you are working on something cool you...

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Hello world

Welcome to the peerTransfer engineering blog! yay! We are a bunch of people behind the technology that support the business in peerTransfer. We are very happy to have our little spot on the internet to share our tech stuff, info about events and activities we support. In general anything related...

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