Welcome Rubén!

Hello everyone! We are happy to present our new Software Engineer! Our new flyMate, Rubén Antón!

Our new flyMate, Rubén.
Our new flyMate, Rubén.

Rubén brings to the table some freshness, since he finished Computer Engineering degree last year, he has been working on FacileThings, a GTD app, building the mobile applications.

After his stay in Prague for one semester under the ERASMUS programme, he joined the Erasmus Student Network as a volunteer in order to help to integrate other international students in his hometown Alicante.

Last spring he was part of the first h4ckademy cohort, an immersive code retreat that took 6 weeks in Madrid. He is involved in the Software Craftsmanship community, he attends and gives talks in a local group in Murcia.

He loves any kind of dangerous and adrenaline-inducing sport, he started surfing last summer and he can’t wait to do it again. Even though, he also loves some quiet sports, such as billiards, where he played in a team for one year, and according to what he says, they weren’t the best in the competition but they had a lot of fun anyways.

We are really excited to have Rubén in our team!