Welcome Oscar!

Hi everyone! I am very pleased to welcome Oscar, our latest addition to our great development team.

Our new peerMate, Oscar.
Our new peerMate, Oscar.

Oscar brings to the table many years of experience developing web based applications in Python, JavaScript or C# and administrating GNU/Linux servers, services and databases.

Born in the Canary Islands, he has been living in Madrid for some years where he missed a bit the sun. We hope Valencia’s weather will cover all his expectatives.

Our new teammate loves any kind of sport, from hiking to badminton. He even loves foosball and he defines himself as “the worst foosball player ever” - we will take into account when seeking an easy bet… ;)

Another thing he loves is cars. He once did a roadtrip across the US from coast to coast and he is an amateur greasemonkey, able to repair his own car and willing to repair any broken car in peerTransfer (family and friends included). So, don’t miss this opportunity!

We are really excited to have Oscar in our team!