Welcome Marta!

It seems like yesterday but it has been a month that Marta Garrido joined peerTransfer as a Software Tester.

Our new peerMate, Marta.
Our new peerMate, Marta.

Marta has a degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a Master in Project Management from the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia.

She started working as a developer in TSB, a small consulting company focusing in hospital software, and then turned into analyst and finally as a tester. Agile Development and Continuous Improvement are her passions at work.

After choosing testing as way of life, Marta has been working in Sopra and GMV in Testing roles.

She played basketball back in her hometown and knows how to play a piano. She also enjoys painting, be it oil, watercolor or plaster figures.

She loves watching old B&W movies of any kind; except drama stories, she considers we already have enough drama in our day-to-day life.

She might not be a good dancer but she is an outstanding ping pong player. In fact, that is how she met her partner, playing ping pong at the university 💖. Life pushed her away from the elite competition but with a little training she will get to rock the table again.