Welcome aboard Emma!

I’m happy to announce that last week a new developer has joined our tech team.

Our new colleague, Emma.
Our new colleague, Emma.

Emma López brings more than ten years of software development experience to the table. She has worked in different startups during his career: Starting in Openfinance, a well known Valencian Fintech company that provides solutions to manage assets portfolios. Afterwards, she became part of BeCodeMyFriend, providing incubation to local startups. And now, Emma arrives directly to peerTransfer from Zendesk, where she worked in their customer service product in Dublin, Ireland. From now on expect to find Emma shaking the local development community in Valencia where she is a well known event organizer.

Emma has joined the dev-argo squad, where she is going to help getting our consumer applications to go to the next level.

A bit of fun, during these first days with her we have discovered that:

Emma has been on a volcano and on an underground health resort. Have you ever tried subterranotherapy?

She also declares to probably be the slowest bike rider closing the lock in the world, so don’t rush her!