OpenHackVLC - July 2014

It has been a while since we haven’t written about our monthly Hacknights, but it does not mean that we are not holding them. Last night, as every last Thursday of the month, we had another edition and here is a summary of what we got done.

This month we didn’t expect a lot of people coming because is July and Valencia weather is pretty warm now, so probably people was thinking more about lying on the beach… but we had a solution for it; this great craft beer:

We started with eight people, everyone of them with great ideas to hack or learn:

Miguel (@MiguelB93) or how we know him ‘El chaval de Ade’ XD) has been reading and learning lately about Web security, concretely about XSS attacks and yesterday he was playing with them.

For David (@llunatweets) this was his first Hacknight. He came with the idea of building an application where startups could share the development stack that are using and others could get benefit from it.

For Marco (@malacot) was reading and watching some articles and videos pending in his Pocket.

Some Hacknights ago Salva (@salrepe) was checking different ruby gems to parallelize specs. Yesterday, he continued digging on that area.

Emilio (@Coppola_Emilio) makes video games and he has enrolled in a contest to code some classic GameBoy game. During the Hacknight he prepared all the needed to build it.

Jose Luis (@josacar) was playing with his Rapsberri Pi and his LCD display. However first, he had to recover his Debian, but finally he decided that he was going to try to run it from OSX.

Felipe (@flype) didn’t had a clear idea on what to work, he opened Hacker News and started to read it in order to get some ideas.

Before the pizzas more people joined us:

For Nick (@nickgerig) this was his first Hacknight too. He came with his Google Glass and he was talking with us about its possibilities and the current projects that are being developed with them.

Eduardo (@esebastian) joined us just in time for the pizzas. He came directly from the devscola, which is a brand new school to learn coding in Valencia. You can see yesterday masterclass here

Jokin (@jokinaspiazu) came with his camera and he was trying a new firmware for it. This is the result:

This gif shows how the Hacknights continue after pizza time, everybody enjoying beers and sharing out of our experiences about different tech or non-tech topics. There is always place to learn new things and the Hacknights offer us this possibility.

On August, we close for vacations, but more to come again on September.

Remember that you can follow us in @OpenHackVLC or @VLCTechHub

See you!!