by Álvaro

OpenHackVLC - January 2013

Last night we held our monthly HackNight (first as part of the OpenHack initiative). Here are the things we got done.

José Luis installed Debian Wheezy on his Macbook Pro using the unofficial Debian EFI CD images. He went through the installation process without hassle. However, he had to use the firmware-b43-installer package to get the Broadcom Wireless card to work. firmware-b43-installer didn’t support his card so he had to edit the postinst script to download the firmware for his card, which was unsupported.

Diego and Javi C. were looking for a way to draw graphs in web browsers. They tried stigma.js, noticing that it’s still on an early development stage, although it can already produce nice drawings with an apparent good performance.

Salva, tired of having different setups in his development machines, started building his installable dotfiles repository. The result can be found in his github account

Javi H. came to stretch his web development skills and tried out django.

Miguel Ángel and Pedro experimented with the Obvious Architecture, which is inspired by The Clean Architecture and brings ports and adapters from the Hexagonal Architecture as jacks and plugs.

Jokin drafted an article for his blog Tales of a fellow tester, where he wants to share how the process of developing a big feature has been from his tester’s perspective.

Felipe tried to make configuring his MacOSX machines less painful by writing a chef bootstrap script

We got some thoughtful sharings out of our experiences. And of course we fed ourselves with some beers and pizza!

See you next month!

Alvaro Bautista