OpenHackVLC - February 2013

Last night we held another edition of our monthly HackNight and here is a summary of what got done.

Jose Luis and Salva wrote a Hubot ( a Campfire bot ) plugin in NodeJS and CoffeeScript. The plugin just stores sentences from an user and returns a random sentence when somebody request it.

Marc was wrapping up a project based in Sinatra to check the student’s timetable after in Android.

Marco was preparing a Vagrant box to boot the NodeJS part of the Digital Foosball project.

Javi M. and Fran were doing some refactors and doing some pending tasks.

Eduardo was checking the steps to migrate their projects to ruby 2.0 and rails 4.0.

Diego was making some patches to Compiz

Alvaro coded a service to check who’s on duty on a Google Calendar. He raises into some weird errors related with API status codes and some permission errors when reading the event information.

Javi C. was coding on automatic invoice generation based on Google Drive and Stylesheets.

Stephen wanted to use an old router from their previous DSL provider to be connect his Xbox via wireless to the main broadband router. He flashed OpenWrt Backfire into it to be able to configure it as a wireless client.

Miguel was hacking a service to the Valencia’s EMT page to check the stops of the buses parsing the html from their site. He also played with a simple app for Firefox OS.

Felipe continued automating his OSX bootstrap making more reciped. He also did a spike on the new similar GitHub project

Jokin took this time to end writing a post on his personal blog related to take shots as a punishment when someone make mistakes.

See ya!